Tritons set for Spring Break Trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida

2018-2019 Triton Softball Photo Gallery

With the snow up here in the Midwest, the Tritons have lost a few dates these past three weekends.  But plenty of ballgames to be played are ahead for the Lady Tritons.  The team will head out Friday afternoon for the 24 hour bus trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida.  With a 14 games schedule, the Tritons will be busy on the ballfield but still have time to enjoy the beach and other things that Florida offers during the trip.

The Tritons will arrive early Saturday afternoon and get a short practice in and a little beach time.  Three games are scheduled for Sunday, three for Monday, two for Tuesday and three again on Wednesday.  Thursday is a scheduled day off for the players where they can do anything they want to do.  Some may spend the day at the beach while others might go to Disneyworld or Universal Studios up in Orlando.  On Friday the team travels up to Orlando and play three more games.  The team will stay overnight in Orlando and then leave early Saturday morning for the long trip back to Iowa. 

The Tritons open up conference play at home on Saturday, March 30th vs. North Iowa Area Community College.