Former Triton Rolling finds passion behind the camera

Former Triton Rolling finds passion behind the camera

ALGONA — A self-described 'workaholic,' Sarah Rolling has found her passion in photography.

Following her graduation from Iowa Central where she was a two-sport standout for the Tritons, Rolling opened her own business, Sarah Rolling Photography, along with entering the world of insurance.

"It has been a dream of mine forever to be a full-time photographer and I am working towards that, however it's not the only thing I do," she said. "I work full-time at an insurance company in Algona called Central Financial Group. I have always been a 'workaholic' they call it.

"I played two sports in college and had four jobs right out of college, so I believe that has really helped me manage my time. I am always looking for something to do."

Rolling, who grew up in Bancroft and attended North Union High School, best describes herself as "an adventure-seeking photographer" and admits she is "better known as the one crying on your wedding day."

Along with shooting weddings and engagement sessions, Rolling also offers senior portraits, family and lifestyle sessions, adding she can do "just about anything and everything."

"Moments matter," she said. "Real moments matter. Not posed or forced portrait moments. Whether it's your wedding day, engagement session or whatever type of session, I want you to feel things when you see your galleries. I want you to remember your time with me as an experience, not just a 'shoot' and be connected even deeper.

"I want you to see your gallery no matter if it's a month or years from when you were photographed and be taken back to the moments you shared with your significant other or back to the confidence you had to love yourself. Nothing is more exhilarating to me than bringing out those real, organic and raw emotions.

"I differ by being really flexible. I am here to serve others, so their experience means everything to me. I am bubbly and want my clients to feel as comfortable as they can."

Weddings remain her bread-and-butter, as Rolling says, "I love getting to meet people and be part of their special day." However, she has long-term goals in mind for herself.

"I would love to be able to travel the world while getting paid to do it," she said. "Like elopement weddings and just other adventure sessions, as well."

Rolling's desire to take photos started at an early age, but she has found a guiding light along the way.

"I've had the passion for photography for as long as I can remember," she said. "Ever since I was a little girl, I would always grab anyone's camera and just start taking pictures whenever I could.

"Madelin Mack Photography in Omaha has really been my No. 1 photography idol forever. I had the chance of meeting Madelin Shultz back in March 2019 when I attended a faith-based photography workshop she was hosting.

"Her service is more than just taking pictures of somebody and that's what I want to be like. I want to create a good community, not competition."

Rolling also credits her family for helping her along the way, calling them "my rock and my No. 1 supporters."

"My three sisters and wonderful parents would literally do anything for me," she said.