Iowa Central Triton Taekwondo wins ISU CY Championship

Iowa Central Triton Taekwondo wins ISU CY Championship

Tritons bring home 22 medals and crowns 10 champions. Iowa Central had four 1st place medalists in forms, three in 2nd, and three 3rds for a total of 10 medals in forms. In sparring, Iowa Central had six 1st, five 2nd, and one 3rd place for a total of 12 medals in sparring. In total, 22 medals for 12 athletes give the Tritons the first place overall points champion with 50 points.  There were 19 schools represented. The Tritons next action is their own hosted tournament on Saturday, September 15, 2018 in Hodges Field house on the Iowa Central campus. The tournament is open to all ages, ranks, and Taekwondo styles. Coach Faiferlick, "Our athletes displayed an incredible amount of respect and sportsmanship today. We had 5 new student-athletes that competed today that learned a lot from the competition helping them to prepare better for our tournament this next week and for conference in November. This tournament provided and great start for our 7 returners. We are looking  forward to hosting Sat Sep 22 and we will be recognizing our  5 Iowa Central athletes (Maria Cortes, Colin Birzer, Laurent Hill, Trittany Miller, and Brooke Waterbury),  from last year that earned All American status from the National Collegiate Taekwondo Association. We will also present our two national champions from last year, red belt Maria Cortes and blue belt Laurent Hill, with their National Champion rings. I am really looking forward to this team competing this year. They are performing at the expected level and are demonstrating the tenants of integrity, courtesy, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.

Team Points:

1st Place: Iowa Central

2nd Place: Black Eagle

3rd Place: Ames P&R



1st Place: Ames P&R

2nd Place: Iowa Central

3rd Place: Black Eagle

·         Black Belts

o   Brandon Splawski, Black Belt, 1st forms, 1st sparring

o   Brittany Bendickson, Black Belt, 1st sparring

·         Blue Belts:

o   Laurent Hill, Blue Belt, 2nd forms, 1st sparring

·         Green Belts:

o   Brooke Waterbury, Green Belt, 1st forms, 1st sparring

o   Hannah Vaugh, Green Belt, 3rd forms, 2nd sparring

·         Yellow Belts:

o   Damon Denney, Yellow Belt, 1st forms, 2nd sparring

o   Faith Gosse, Yellow Belt, 2nd forms, 2nd sparring

·         White Belts:

o   Brooklyn Burgher, White Belt, 2nd sparring

o   Debra Curtis, White Belt, 3rd forms, 1st sparring

o   Edwardo Gutierrez, White Belt, 2nd forms, 3rd sparring

o   Max Patkins, White Belt, 1st forms, 1st sparring

o   Terrance Musgraves, White Belt, 3rd forms, 2nd sparring

The Tritons are coached by Master Justin Faiferlick and Rob Hepperle. 

For any questions, contact Master Justin Faiferlick

567 South 25 Street, Fort Dodge, IA 50501