Taekwondo State Championships and National Qualifiers

Taekwondo State Championships and National Qualifiers

All 7 Triton athletes competed at State Championships and National Qualifiers today bringing home 2 Gold medal champions in forms and 6 Gold medal champions in sparring.  The Tritons also earned 3 silvers and 1 bronze medals in forms. In sparring the team fought for 1 additional silver medal.  All athletes that earned medals in forms and/or sparring and have qualified for the 2019 USA Taekwondo National Championships, June 28 through July 4 in Minneapolis, MN. Nearly 4,000 competitors are expected to take part in the weeklong nationals event.

Brittany Bendickson (Black Belt) 1st sparring.
Brooke Waterbury (Blue Belt) 1st forms, 1st sparring.  
Hannah Vaughn (Green Belt) 2nd forms, 1st sparring.
Faith Gosse (Yellow Belt) 2nd forms, 1st sparring.

Brandon Splawski (Black Belt) 3rd forms, 2nd sparring.
Laurent Hill (Red Belt) 2nd forms, 1st sparring. 
Keilund Steinborn (Green Belt) 1st forms,  1st sparring.  

The next action for the Tritons is Sunday March 10 for the Iowa Governor's Cup in Ames, and then the Collegiate Taekwondo  Nationals April 20-21 hosted by the University of Texas - Austin.

The Tritons are coached by Master Justin Faiferlick and Rob Hepperle.

Other Fort Dodge competitors:
Justin Faiferlick (Black Belt) 1st Sparring
Breanna Bethke (Black Belt) 1st Sparring
Anna Fritts (Red Belt) 3rd Sparring
Sofie Fritts (Green Belt) 1st Sparring


For any questions, contact Master Justin Faiferlick

567 South 25th Street, Fort Dodge, IA 50501