Tritons fifth at Midwest Collegiate Conference Tournament

Tritons fifth at Midwest Collegiate Conference Tournament

The Tritons tied for 5th overall in the Midwest Collegiate Taekwondo Conference Tournament in Manhattan, KS at Kansas State University. 

Kansas State University hosted the Midwest Collegiate Taekwondo Conference Championships in Manhattan, KS, on Nov 02, 2019. The conference had 8 Division I universities and ICCC. The Tritons had 4 competitors and was the only team that wasn't a Division I university, including University of Wisconsin, University of Colorado, Iowa State University, University of Iowa, Denver University, University of Northern Colorado, Kansas State University, and Kansas University. 

The  Tritons tied with host Kansas State University and University of Northern Colorado for 5th place overall in the tournament. 

Iowa Central Competitors:

- 3rd Place Bronze Medal: Laurent Hill (red) and Cameron Zolnosky (yellow)
- 4th Place Kaiah Willard (black) and Eric Sabus (yellow)

- 1st Place Gold Medal Conference Champion: Laurent Hill (red)

- 2nd Place Silver Medal: Kaiah Willard (black), Cameron Zolnosky (yellow), Eric Sabus (yellow)


Coach Justin Faiferlick was extremely proud of the athletes competitive spirit. Individually, this we a completely successful conference result. This team works hard and shows up ready to battle. Our success competing against the larger Div 1 universities is extremely clear that we are at the top of the game. The team points don't bend in our favor against the larger institutions, but we understand and accept it. All of our ICCC athletes placed first or second in their sparring division, and we are the only team competing at this conference that can brag that success. We will continue to work hard and prepare for our upcoming competitions after the first of the year. We have State Championships and the U.S. Open in February, and Collegiate Nationals in April.   

Overall Conference Results:

1st Place: University of Wisconsin - Madison

2nd Place: University of Colorado - Boulder

3rd Place: Iowa State University

4th Place: Denver University

5th Place Ties: Iowa Central Community College, Denver University, Kansas State University

Other teams: Kansas University, University of Iowa


Iowa Central Competitors:

·         Black Belts

Kaiah Willard, 4th forms, 2nd sparring

·         Red Belts:

Laurent Hill, 3rd forms, 1st sparring

·         Yellow Belts:

Cameron Zolnosky, 3rd forms, 2nd sparring  

Eric Sabus, 4th forms, 2nd sparring