Iowa Central Tritons: Academic verview

Tritons in the Classroom
Iowa Central student-athletes are expected to be held to the highest standard in the classroom. Our athletic department has a commitment to excellence both on the field and in the classroom. As an athletic department, there are some guidelines to ensure our athletes can have success in their classes.

Online Grade Book
Each coach serves as an academic advisor to their student-athletes. The coaches have access to their student-athletes’ online grade book. This is a real-time grade book that is updated hourly by instructors.  Coaches have the ability to check the grade book at any time to see absences, tardies, grades and assignments.
Grade Checks
Every 3-4 weeks student-athletes are required to print off their grades from their online grade book and have their instructors sign them. This does a couple of things; it builds a rapport between the student-athlete and instructor and it makes the student-athlete and coaches aware of missing assignments, scores and overall performance. These grade checks are reviewed by both the head coach and athletic director.

Class Attendance
Iowa Central student-athletes are required to attend classes. Each program has a mandatory attendance policy. Any student-athlete who has an unexcused absence will be punished accordingly with the possibility of missing playing dates.

Study Table        
Teams are required to meet weekly for “study tables.” These sessions, designated by the head coaches, are two-hour blocks of time in which student-athletes meet as a team in a designated area to focus on homework. Most programs meet in the new Student Resource Center. The SRC houses the Library and Student Success Center and offers dozens of computers, wireless internet, study materials, quiet study areas as well as tutors. Some programs also use the Flex Lab which offers more computers and tutoring. In 2014, Iowa Central also opened the Athletic Study Center which is a study area complete with wifi, laptops, and quiet study areas available for teams and their student-athletes.